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Visitors to a museum


A visitor visa (also known as a temporary resident visa) is an official document citizens from visa-required countries need to get to travel to and enter Canada as a visitor for up to 6 months.

  • The visitor visa is pasted on passport. It shows that you meet the requirements to enter Canada.

  • It includes the date by which you must arrive in Canada. The date is not an expiry date for your stay in Canada.

  • If you apply for a study or work permit for the first time, you’ll automatically get a visitor visa when we approve your application.


A Canada Tourist visa is also known as a Canada visitor visa or a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV,) and is an official document placed in the passport. Issued by the Canadian visa office, this document proves that the individual has met the requirements to reside in Canada temporarily as a visitor. It is imperative the TRV be acquired before coming to Canada, as it cannot be obtained in the country. Contact for more information.


Business visitor is a visit visa which allow to come to take part in international business activities without being part of the Canadian labour market and for visiting Canada temporarily to look for ways to grow your business, invest, advance business  relationships. Contact for more information.


You need a transit visa if you’re from a visa-required country and your international flight stops at a Canadian airport on its way to another country or connecting between 2 international flights at a Canadian airport or transit through Canada in 48 hours or less and don’t have a valid visitor visa. Contact for more information.


A super visa is a multiple entry visitor visa specifically for the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. It allows holders to stay in Canada for up to two years at a time without needing to renew their status. It need financial evaluation of sponsor as well as $100,000 medical insurance for atleast 1 year to apply. Contact for more information.


Individuals who are found  to be inadmissible to Canada, can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit to overcome their inadmissibility and be allowed entry into Canada on a temporary basis. Contact for more information.


To extend stay in Canada as a visitor for longer duration, need to apply for a visitor recordA visitor record is not a visa.

A visitor record is a document that gives you status as a visitor in Canada and allows you to stay longer and includes a new expiry date that’s the new date that you must leave Canada by and ​includes a new expiry date that’s the new date that you must leave Canada by.​ Contact for more information.

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